About Me

Ever since childhood I've had a heartfelt and passionate desire to contribute to and support the wellbeing of others and alleviate suffering. I was born to parents coping with disability and this meant I began my apprenticeship at a very early age, developing my compassion, sensitivity and sense of personal direction right from the start.


In my life I've faced many challenges and crises but I've chosen to see these as blessings in disguise – gifts and signposts to a more harmonious way. So I'm able to offer my practical experience, knowledge and compassionate understanding to my clients, all firmly rooted in my own life-long search for and practice of personal development, holistic health, co-creative spirituality and green living. It's natural to me to do this in a friendly and informal way.


Why Quantum Biofeedback? Simply because my partner and I experienced excellent benefits ourselves. I was always intrigued and astounded by the device's comprehensiveness and accuracy. We've both faced life threatening conditions and have successfully regained our health using Quantum Biofeedback and by acting upon the insights it provides.


In my work, rather than seeing it as my responsibility to 'fix' anyone, I offer a three way equal partnership between you, me and the device. We commit to working together for your highest good, each undertaking to contribute our very best with the help of this extraordinary device.


I make a particular point of recommending simple, easy to make, food based remedies, affordable to all, whenever possible. From my own very direct experience I'm in no doubt as to the power of food as medicine. By putting this to good use, I have in the past been able to avoid so called unavoidable major surgery and recover, then again later to recover naturally from severe thyrotoxicosis - something I was informed was quite impossible without pharmaceutical treatment. I also have long experience of the effects of toxicity and pollution on our health, having had multi-chemical hypersensitivity myself. Again this is vastly reduced thanks to new awareness I have gained through Quantum Biofeedbacl, along with homotoxicology detoxification on the device.

Other interests and activities:

As a consumate foodie, I love creating delicious nutritious meals, superfood snacks, organic gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free cakes and treats.

Mulberry energy crunch
Mulberry energy crunch
Date sunflower and peppermint chocolate
Peppermint chocolate
Cacao and coconut protein balls
Cacao and coconut protein balls
Pumpkin and beetroot muffins
Pumpkin and beetroot muffins
Savory toastie energy crunch
Savory toastie energy crunch

I am the founder of the not for profit Organic & Wholefood Buying Group. This is for the benefit of my clients and to make a wide range of better quality healthier food available to more people. I'm keen to develop this idea in any way that is helpful to people, working with other therapists, local growers, businesses, community groups. I see the possibilities as unlimited!


I revel in our beautiful Devon countryside which I walk or cycle everyday with our Border Collie, Rookie. I fly kites, love theatre, music, books, rebounding, dancing and much more.



IAQT Certificate (SCIO)

Dip Anatomy Physiology & Pathology ITEC

Licentiate  of the College of Practical Homeopathy (L.C.P.H)

Bsc Hons Sociology (London External)

Permaculture Design Certificate

The University of Life :)