Household & Multi-Chemical Sensitivity

Non toxic freezer containers

Containers & packaging made from plants non toxic decorating and building materials etc

For shower filters

Range of environmentally friendly paints, wood stains and other DIY materials.

Range of VOC free, solvent free, non toxic, odourless paints approved by Allergy UK, 7000 purer than other low odour paints

Excellent portable counter top stainless steel water filter, no plumbing. Filter candles remove virtually all pollutants, including heavy metals if required

Ecological, effective, economical household cleaners made in Britain

Washable VOC mask with filters to help with perfume, petrochemical fumes and cigarette smoke sensitivity etc. 

Extensive range of organic bedding, mattresses, linens and much more. Made in Wales.

Effective household cleaners receipes for you make yourself. 

Sustainable living. Books, eco home, permaculture, DVDs etc

For allergy sufferers

Organic clothing for men, women and babies, organic household linen.