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You may be surprised to discover that actually, in many ways you and I have a lot in common.


I’ve always been a seeker on a lifelong journey of personal development, holistic health, co-creative spirituality and green living. In my life I’ve faced many challenges and crises but I’ve chosen to see them as blessings in disguise – gifts and signposts to a more harmonious way ... and guess what? They have been! There’s nothing more empowering than overcoming one’s own difficulties through taking personal responsibility.


My Hopes & Dreams

Being born into a disabled family sparked my passionate and heartfelt desire to contribute to and support the wellbeing of others and to alleviate suffering. From the earliest age, I witnessed my father’s disability and pain and the ensuing endless series of health crises and drastic medical interventions, so I began my apprenticeship right from the start of my life, developing my compassion, sensitivity and honing my sense of personal direction.


My Frustrations along the Way

As a young person my independent curious mind was always asking ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’ and ‘Surely there has to be a better way?’ particularly with regard to mainstream health and lifestyle matters.


From university days I passionately sought to understand how to make good choices about my own wellbeing. Mainstream ways simply didn’t feel right for me and I felt like a fish out of water. I saw that clearly the lifestyle we choose has a huge effect on our wellbeing. So although at the time I wouldn’t have put it so many words, I sought to take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing. To do this I realized I had to find my personal way to make wise, knowledgable and very practical decisions that produced results – desirable ones!


Getting it Wrong to Make it Right

Along the way I’ve created great successes and also some humongous disasters, but always learning, learning, learning as I went. Interestingly, I found I learned the most from my disasters as it dawned on me that they weren’t accidental and I must have created them in some way, even if I couldn’t see how at the time.


Missing Links & My Solution

I found many excellent holistic answers and solutions, yet there were lots of missing links and somehow, despite all my efforts, my knowledge still felt frustratingly bitty. I longed for a way of connecting everything together, cohesively and comprehensively. Then I read an article about Quantum Biofeedback.


I knew very little about Quantum Biofeedback, but was consumed by curiosity and a strong intuition that this was something unusually valuable, being non invasive, energetic health screening with the information coming from one’s own superconscious mind, independently of the practitioner.


Right from the start I was completely fascinated by the accuracy, depth and scope of the Quantum Biofeedback device and how it joined up all the dots for me. After a session I used to say I felt as if I’d had a tune up!


I loved the insights I gained so I could better understand the messages my body was sending me. I loved the fact that regular sessions were preventative and a great way of staying well. I loved the insights it gave into developing conditions, the changes that were needed and the precise remedies that would suit me personally, taking the guesswork out of it all. I loved the stress reduction and the fact that the device dealt with unconscious resistance to change – the way we sabotage ourselves. Making changes became so much easier.


Finding the Courage to Trust Myself

After 8 years of having a few sessions each year, I asked my practitioner ‘Do you think I could do this?’ The complexity and comprehensiveness of the device and my lack of formal holistic qualifications led me to doubt myself. But I was driven on by the extraordinary scope and profound potential for facilitating healing and empowerment for anyone prepared to take an ‘I created it so I can change it’ attitude rather than a ‘fix me’ one, and to be able to better support my loved ones.


So I took a leap of faith, I invested, I studied, I practised. And I also started to really recover from an extremely disastrous period in my life of business collapse, homelessness, thyrotoxicosis, loss of loved ones and the extreme distress that goes with all of that. At last I realized that all my experiences and learning were uniquely and immensely valuable and just how much I had to offer.


Why Sharing my Experience is a No Brainer

So now I’m fulfilling my life long dream of helping to empower others to overcome their health and wellbeing challenges in a holistic way. Because I really have been there and done it myself and am still doing it, the support that I’m able to offer is uniquely personal, fresh and adventurous.


Excitingly my Quantum Biofeedback work enables me to work with people all over the world at distance or in person and I’m part of an international community of practitioners, many of whom are experts in specialist fields and who willingly share that expertise. Equally my postgraduate qualification in Homeopathy and Homotoxicology means I’m part of the Practical Homeopathy community with ongoing learning and sharing. Most importantly I’ve achieved my early dream of being able to take care of my own wellbeing and to offer others the opportunity to do the same - but with the benefit of my support and hard won experience, rather than as I did – on my own.


Many clients have achieved truly life changing results, reversing life long conditions, freeing themselves from negative and unhelpful habits – such an inestimably valuable gift, both for them and for me :)


So you see, being blessed with all this, how could I possibly even consider not sharing?!

Other interests and activities:

As a consummate foodie, I love creating delicious nutritious meals, superfood snacks, organic gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free cakes and treats.

Mulberry energy crunch
Mulberry energy crunch
Date sunflower and peppermint chocolate
Peppermint chocolate
Cacao and coconut protein balls
Cacao and coconut protein balls
Pumpkin and beetroot muffins
Pumpkin and beetroot muffins
Savoury toastie energy crunch
Savoury toastie energy crunch

Organic & Wholefood Buying Group


I founded this not for profit social enterprise for the benefit of my clients and people in north Devon and beyond. We make a vast range of better quality food accessible and affordable to more people - by ordering as a group and using the sharing scheme we've devised, we buy at wholesale prices. As the director I'm keen to develop this idea in any way that is helpful to people, working with other therapists, local growers, businesses, community groups. I see the possibilities as unlimited!




I revel in our beautiful Devon countryside which I walk or cycle everyday with our Border Collie, Rookie. I fly kites, love theatre, music, books, rebounding, dancing, gardening and much more.


International Academy Quantum Training  Certificate

Licentiate in Homeopathy - College of Practical Homeopathy

Dip Anatomy Physiology & Pathology ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council)

BSc Hons Sociology (London External)

Permaculture Design Certificate

The University of Life :)