'Thank you so much for the SCIO* session yesterday Mary. It was such a treat to take time out of a busy and recently difficult life to spend time on me....It was, as ever, an in depth look at my current health and an insight into possible future issues. Alongside this, it provided me with a safe space which gave me a chance to think about and be guided forward from an emotional and spiritual point of view. Your ability to read so much information and simultaneously 'translate' it so I can make sense of it and begin to move on in my health and my life is quite simply astounding. Not to mention the treat of lunch cooked by John! Thank you both.'  Verified client  (*SCIO was my previous device)

"After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my life changed and I never thought I would get back to being the person I was. Seeking alternative therapies over the last few years, I finally found Mary Crail.  

Working with Mary and the SCIO* biofeedback machine has really got the bottom of the dysfunctions within my body, mind and soul which had been creating the dis-ease within me. Mary's amazing knowledge and dedication in supporting me through my journey to wellness has allowed me to see the road to recovery. 

I cannot thank Mary enough for coming into my life and helping me transform my health and wellbeing." 
Verified client (*SCIO was my previous device)