The following unedited reviews are copied from the independent review site Total Wellness Club which has now closed.

They are all overall 5 star verified reviews, with 5 stars for quality and value for money for which I was given an award.

Journey back to Health by Jan Bungay

I met Mary Crail at at a Qigong session in 2018, after moving house after 40 years, losing my foster son and then my husband, all I n the space of 7 months.  3 years later I was so depleted of energy and so completely depressed that I could barely function and I finally rang her and we met up for a walk with her dog one day.  For the first time ever I felt able to really open up and talk about everything that had scarred me throughout my life.
Lots of tears and weeks later I rang her to book an assessment. This assessment with even more tears, took 6 hours and I just about managed to drive home and crawl into bed where I slept soundly for the first time in years. Trauma and toxins from food and chemical sprays were my major issues and I'm still adjusting to a new diet without Deadly Nightshade vegetables identified as toxic for me.  I follow Mary's advice closely and still take the homeopathic remedies and waters which have enabled me to come off prescription medication which was depleting my body of essential vitamins
I gradually began to feel like me again after decades of chronic pain and after completing a further 10 sessions I came to accept that in order to move on I must make changes at all levels in my life, make new friends and move house away from all the sad reminders of my losses. I have lost weight and finally broken through the "plateau" I could never get past for years when I dieted.  Mary explained how toxins need fat cells for storage in order to protect my body from being damaged by them which explained why I had piled on well over 3 stone following my son's death in 1983 and more still because of my unidentified toxic diet.
Mary is fascinating to watch as she interprets information from Quest 9 during our sessions and her gentle nature helped me to accept things that I'm unconsciously resisting despite Inner Talk CDs that I continue with to work on my super consciousness even when I'm sleeping.
There is still a long way to go for me but Mary has got me on the right path, for which I will love her forever.  I need more sessions to work on trauma and detoxing my body in order to reach a healthy weight and work on feeling safe as I make a new happy life at the age of 74.

I am so grateful to find Mary and Biofeedback by Cathy Ackland

I have been extremely fortunate to find Mary and her expertise in my area, and for such value for money too.
I have been fascinated at how Mary works with the biofeedback device, plus all a lifetime of knowledge she has to accompany this technology.
Treating the whole of a person, the mental, physical, and spiritual is what I have sought for a long time, and knew I needed, I am on a life-changing journey with Mary. It's really challenging but I know deep down this is the treatment for me to get past all of my health issues at long last.
Mary is so dedicated to each of her clients, going above and beyond. Her care is second to none and you really feel supported, guided, and safe throughout the process.
It is incredible what the device can pick up, it is so in-depth and Mary is so intuitive and knows exactly what you need when you need it.
Mary has opened my eyes to better nutrition and homeopathic remedies that help my healing process.
You will warm to Mary instantly and it really shows how much she cares, in all that she provides.
She keeps current to ensure the best treatments are provided.
It is no coincidence if you come across biofeedback it may sound a bit out there, but believe me it is so powerful. Miracles can happen I highly recommend Mary and biofeedback it is the future!
I can't Thank you enough Mary!

Biofeedback review by Emma
I have now had around 7 sessions of biofeedback with Mary and it has been an incredible journey so far.  I first came to see Mary as I had a number of health issues including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, short term memory issues, a severely underactive thyroid and anxiety and depression.
I arrived for my first session and Mary's kindness and caring attitude immediately made me feel very welcome and put me at ease.  She asked me a few questions and then attached me to the biofeedback machine.  During the session, she explained exactly what she was doing.  I felt a sense of relaxation that I hadn't felt in a very long time.  Over the subsequent sessions, each new session built on the work of the previous one.
Not only does Mary use biofeedback, but she also offers dietary and exercise advise to optimise healing and wellness.  This has proved to be just as invaluable as the biofeedback sessions.  Mary really knows her stuff when it comes to health and wellness.  I feel very blessed that I have found her, as with the biofeedback sessions and changes to my diet, I am regaining my health at long last, after years of being very unwell.  I am now starting to see the possibilities of what life can be like beyond pain and low energy levels!
I would absolutely 100% recommend Mary and the biofeedback sessions to regain health and wellness.  Having been down the conventional medical route, and seeing very little improvement, this treatment has done so much more than I had thought would be possible in regaining my health

The Future of Health by Melanie

Mary used bio resonance to help our 14 year old dog who's back legs had given way. Mary goes above and beyond in each session and works on so many levels to stimulate healing. After his first treatment we had to actually stop him bouncing about and on his second treatment he was back to his old self, walking on the beach, swimming and trying to climb the stairs. He will be 15 this year and he is doing so well. I am truly grateful to have found Mary, her knowledge is vast and the treatments  are natural and totally in line with my beliefs. I would recommend everyone to have a session and be open to the possibilities that come from it. True healing works on all levels not just the physical

Aloha & Mahalo, Mary! by Alison
Mary Crail is the real deal, talking the talk AND walking the walk. SCIO/Quantum and Mary meld into one as she works tirelessly serving her clients, be it via subspace or within her welcoming consulting room. It was my good fortunate to be put in touch with her in 2019, no mean feat as we live opposite sides of the globe. Having been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma in awkward location on my nose and only days from a scheduled MOHS procedure, I spoke with Mary via phone. Whilst she would have preferred to resolve my situation sans surgery, she did not seek to impose a treatment plan/strategy upon me. Intuitively sensitive to my turmoil, she instead worked alongside me, immediately organising treatment via subspace for the night prior to my surgery (which required a very early start of her own day because of time zones). The medics were brutally honest in advance of the procedure. Due to the lesion’s location, I would require a “skin flap”, resulting in substantial swelling and bruising (including, not one, but TWO black eyes). There would be two sets of stitches, one internal, the other surface; healing would take 6 months. The surgeon, experienced and incredibly kind, insisted I should take a course of prescription medication post-surgery. (I doggedly resisted, but we ultimately agreed I would medicate for 24 hrs.) In preparation, I had started a course of arnica and, post procedure, instituted hourly icing under each eye for several days (the surgeon did not support this, but I was undeterred). The outcome? Jaw-dropping! Whilst I have no doubt the arnica/icing were positive factors, I am absolutely convinced that it was Mary’s dedicated expertise in energy healing with her “magic machine” that achieved a miracle. I experienced NO swelling, NO bruising and no pain (though I did medicate for 24 hrs, as negotiated with the surgeon). My GP, the dermatologist, nursing staff, work colleagues and friends were all amazed with the result. I cannot begin to understand or explain how SCIO/Quantum works, but I once described the results after one of my subspace sessions as my body feeling as if it was “recalibrating”. Last summer I was privileged to receive treatment with Mary and her Magic Machine in person. It was inspiring to see them at work together! Mary’s passion for her profession and those she so selflessly serves is obvious, through subspace as well as in her consulting room. And make no mistake -- this lady does not rest on her laurels! Mary is forever adding to her knowledge base and her “toolbag” for the benefit of her clients, e.g. recently attaining a homeopathy qualification. Mary Crail IS the real deal. Don't take my word for it; do, please, see for yourself!

Mary is a kind, supportive knowledgeable expert in this area by Anne
I've been seeing Mary and her amazing machine for a few months now. Mary is incredibly knowledgable about natural health, and provides loads of support, guidance and encouragement through the healing process.
I feel very relaxed during the sessions with Mary, and my health has improved considerably, though my journey continues with Mary's support, expertise and knowledge.
I would recommend this to anybody, also to raise awareness on different things that are impacting ones personal health, and guidance on making positive changes.

Review / Feedback by Sarah

Mary’s treatments are thorough, precise and miraculous.  I arrived feeling grotty, very mucussy, ears ringing, drained and looked wiped out. immediately after the treatment I felt like a different person I was balanced, calm mind, no ear ringing, and I had a spring back in my step - my energy had returned.  This is my second treatment so mayb Im more sensitive to noticing the difference..  Mary is kind, generous with her time and care and one of the worlds most truly inspiring people for her knowledge and sharing of plant based wellbeing foods, recipes, home produced, home made, home cooked healthy and delicious.

Mary & Quantum Biofeedback by Elle

 Mary and Quantum Biofeedback has firmly re-established my own health and well-being as a valid and worthy priority. As a mother to two small humans, my turbulent relationship with my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis had been firmly buried... however it tainted every experience. 

 Mary has gently yet thoroughly woken me up to my potential. Biofeedback has identified and treated areas which need attention and Mary has provided advice on food, remedies, exercises, music, mantras, reading, emotions... to support my body, mind and soul in making conscious choices to help me heal and embrace my life. 

Rheumatoid arthritis used to define me and I lost who I was as a creative, life-loving, joyful person. I now feel more aware of my body, mind and soul. I am able to listen in on a much deeper level and with Mary’s help I now know many ways to nourish and nurture myself.Thank you!

Mary Crail's Biofeedback Service by Richard
I first came across Mary through the local Organic and Wholefood Buying Group that she runs and soon learnt what a large amount of knowledge she has. As we came to know one another better she soon became a good friend with whom I felt able to discuss confidential health issues. Being open-minded about what the medical profession sees as "complementary" services, I readily agreed when Mary suggested an exploration using the SCIO biofeedback device (later replaced by the Quest 9 device).
In addition to a few relatively minor physical health niggles, my main concern was to try to eliminate, or at least considerably reduce, the unwanted anxiety that had plagued my life for many, many years. After a number of biofeedback sessions, discussions, accompanying homeopathic remedies and even suggested book loans, I can now honestly say that my objective has been achieved; I no longer dread new situations or demands or expectations placed upon me.
In addition, Mary's comprehensive food knowledge has helped me to improve my diet, which I had previously thought to be quite good but clearly had room for improvement, and also lifestyle; I have started a daily exercise programme, which I continue to maintain, and have made other beneficial improvements.
Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Mary and she goes to great lengths to put people at their ease. She is very perceptive and can tell how I am feeling almost before I start to speak.
In summary, Mary's skill and knowledge together with the biofeedback device are a winning combination, which I am very pleased to have found and which I value enormously.

Biofeedback on my Cat Harry by Louise
I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the love I have for my 2 cats is infinite & unmeasurable. So when I woke up one morning to an injured Harry I was devastated. Some how he had cut his tongue & a large piece was hanging off. I immediately took him to the vets where they operated and gave him 17 stitches. On getting him home, although subdued, the anaesthetic was wearing off and he started to feel the stitches in his tongue & was pulling at them. By this point we were both very distressed & I was thinking Biofeedback may help him deal with the trauma, speed his recovery & settle any other imbalances that may be occurring. The next day I checked his wound & he’d managed to remove several of the top & side stitches leaving a large gap in his tongue. The vet decided not to operate again as it’s likely the same thing would happen. That’s when I decided Biofeedback was Harry’s best chance at a speedy recovery, to help him deal with the trauma, stop infection & complete the healing of the physical wound. Harry was quite subdued when Mary was working on him but that night he managed a good amount of food & slept right through. The following day he continued to eat well & had short intervals in the garden where he appeared relaxed and happy. We had another check up with the vet who was very pleased with his progress and how the wound was closing. A few weeks on and Harry is completely settled and enjoying life again as if nothing had ever happened ?. I thank Mary and her Biofeedback Machine for working on Harry & speeding his recovery up with just one session!

Reversing 30 years of arthritis by Louise

Where to start...Mary Crail has supported my journey over the last 12 months with Biofeedback Therapy, Counselling, Homeopathic & Nutritional Advice and Friendship.This has resulted in a second chance at life for me.

From the age of 3 I had symptoms of arthritis from pain to deformities of the toes & fingers. Despite continuous hospital visits I wasn’t diagnosed until 11 when my parents went private & paid for a CT scan, by then lots of irreversible damage had already occurred. Despite this I tried to make the most of life, went through school, college, uni, travelled and worked. Over the years I’d have flares of arthritis which were treated with steroids, anti inflammatories and painkillers. Gradually as I struggled to manage the condition I found I was taking painkillers everyday including morphine, put on disease modifying drugs used to treat cancer, anti TNFs and given antidepressants to make me feel ok with how things were. Despite this cocktail of drugs I was in agony, struggling to walk so using an electric wheelchair and having personal care as I couldn’t manage things myself. At the age of 32 the arthritis was still active, I lost my job due to ill health and ended up having both sides of my jaw replaced (TMJ) as the arthritis had destroyed them. At this point I was feeling pretty hopeless, eating puréed food & often having it fed to me as I couldn’t manage it myself.

A year into loosing my job & in the mess I describe above I discovered cbd oil.Instantly I no longer needed morphine and eventually my pain killers reduced to half.

A few months later, I was still very weak and having flares, but feeling more positive that perhaps there’s something alternative to the current ineffective medication & treatment I had been given for so many years. I then, completely by accident discovered Mary. We spoke at great length on the phone about what I was going through & how Biofeedback could help repair damage from the arthritis and medication I’d taken right through to my emotions and unconscious resistance to change. I’ll be honest it all sounded a bit far fetched & too good to be true as I’d tried so many different things in the past, with little success, but I felt like I owed it to myself to try.

The first session was fascinating, seeing various charts & what the machine was reading from me, but it was the improvement readings on the second week and how I felt in myself that confirmed I’d chosen the right treatment.

A few months passed and this was again confirmed when I was on holiday with a very stiff neck. By this time Mary & I had become good friends & so she messaged to see if I was enjoying my holiday. I’d mentioned how bad my neck was and she said she could put me on the Biofeedback machine in subspace. She’d mentioned how Biofeedback can find you anywhere in the world previously, and how it was just as successful at treating you. I didn’t fully understand the process but my neck was so bad I decided to give it ago. Within a few hours my neck was easier to move and the next day I was able to continue my holiday as normal.

Another session I’d like to mention is when I was saved from a 3 day migraine. Occasionally, because of the TMJ replacements, if I over use these joints I can get severe migraines which usually last about 3 days. During one of the sessions I felt the start of one, I tried to hide it but Mary is very intuitive and quickly picked up that something was wrong, I told her and she then used the Biofeedback machine to send pain management frequencies to help. An hour later, although I felt drained I had no pain what so ever. This technology is truly amazing.

Skip ahead several treatments later, I am now a million times better, washing my own hair, cooking my own meals and I’m about to start a new job. Not only that I am now medication free and have been for 10 months. I’ve lost 1.5 stone in weight, eat wholesome nutritional meals and avoid foods that I am intolerant to but never knew about until Biofeedback. Mary has worked on muscle building within the TMJ so I can now eat proper meals and even the occasional few nuts with no nasty migraines.

I strongly believe it’s not just the Biofeedback machine that has given me this fantastic new life but it’s Mary’s advice and continued support. Mary is the full package, Biofeedback Operator, Homeopathic & Nutritional Advisor, Life Mentor, Councillor and a Life Long Friend that has helped change my life for the better.

Biofeedback with Mary Crail by Teri Oles

Nothing happens by accident. I found Mary as I was friending biofeedback practitioners on FB. I had had a stroke after an injury and found chatting with biofeedback practitioners was a way to stimulate my memory as many years ago I was a practitioner myself. I lost my device in a fire and was never financially able to replace it. Mary was more than a chat friend as we both loved to talk about our dogs and our chats grew more personal. I told her about recently losing my thyroid, a large tumor and my voice box, so verbal conversations were impossible. The easiest way for me to communicate was via Messenger. Mary began subspace sessions for me as I was plagued by tons of mucus requiring me to be suctioned by my daughter as many as 4 times a day. Through the sessions and Mary's guidance, the mucus slowed down and Mary helped me understand my emotions were a huge part of my slow healing process. I am now able to suction myself (by placing a plastic cannula down my throat [I breath through my throat not my nose] and turning on the suction machine). If you are curious the operation I had is called a Larenjectomy. I have been silent for over 7 months. A speech therapist just recommended me for a new speech device that will allow me to speak in a female voice, even at a whisper but, most importantly on the phone. I'll feel human once again and the first person I call will be Mary. I'm in the US and Mary as you probably know is in the UK, so we'll talk over our computers. Mary and her sessions have helped me beyond measure. Her intuition and expertise on her new Quest 9 device is like science fiction! If you have a health issue I can assure you Mary is the Miracle worker that can help you. Learn all you can about what she does and trust it is no accident you have found her. I give thanks for Mary every day! You will, too!

What's so special about Mary? by Susan Terry

I recently had my first appointment with Mary and her amazing Scio machine. It was clear from the outset, when Mary put me at my ease and explained what we would cover during my session with her, that her priority was me, her client. She went above and beyond both in terms of time and attention to addressing my health issues. Mary's knowledge and expertise in using the biofeedback Scio machine is considerable , built over many years, and I reaped the benefits of this. Thank you Mary.

We all need this in our lives! by Jennefer Taylor

Mary is a true healer who brings such focus, knowledge and professionalism to the sessions; above all she truly cares about her clients and goes well above and beyond to make a difference.

The time I spend with Mary is, for me, time out of a hectic and often stressful life. I really appreciate having the space to be still (literally and mentally) so I can draw breath and take much needed time to reflect and share thoughts with Mary who is always receptive and able to share her perspective which can be so helpful and even enlightening.

Sessions really do consider the 'whole me' - past, present and future - and so old issues may come up and be treated alongside current issues as well as those which I am not yet aware of. Mary draws on a vast wealth of knowledge and as she works on the Quantum Biofeedback she also makes sense for me out of the detail on the screen, helping to prioritise and discuss what is coming up. Treatments can have a soft effect, for example, a gradual increase in energy levels and motivation following treatment or a dramatic one, for example curing some sleep issues I had immediately - the night after the treatment was my first full night's sleep in a very long time. We have also worked with some ongoing emotional issues and I have felt safe to share with Mary things I don't talk to any one else about, which, to my astonishment, the programmes highlight. To me, it often feels like magic! and I would now not be without it in my life.

The reviews below were contributed prior to Total Wellness Club:

'Thank you so much for the SCIO* session yesterday Mary. It was such a treat to take time out of a busy and recently difficult life to spend time on me....It was, as ever, an in depth look at my current health and an insight into possible future issues. Alongside this, it provided me with a safe space which gave me a chance to think about and be guided forward from an emotional and spiritual point of view. Your ability to read so much information and simultaneously 'translate' it so I can make sense of it and begin to move on in my health and my life is quite simply astounding. Not to mention the treat of lunch cooked by John! Thank you both.'  Verified client  (*SCIO was my previous device)

"After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my life changed and I never thought I would get back to being the person I was. Seeking alternative therapies over the last few years, I finally found Mary Crail.  

Working with Mary and the SCIO* biofeedback machine has really got the bottom of the dysfunctions within my body, mind and soul which had been creating the dis-ease within me. Mary's amazing knowledge and dedication in supporting me through my journey to wellness has allowed me to see the road to recovery. 

I cannot thank Mary enough for coming into my life and helping me transform my health and wellbeing." 
Verified client (*SCIO was my previous device)