What's Involved in a Consultation?

You'll be warmly welcomed to my home and we'll work in my therapy room, in an informal, non-clinical atmosphere, decorated with ecological, non-toxic materials and cleaned with natural cleaners. I request you avoid all perfumed products on the day as I react to them. I also ask for mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices to be switched off please.


You'll be offered a range of teas and provided with a tasty nutritious organic snack. Filtered, energized, magnetized water is also freely available.


We discuss the health and lifestyle questionnaire that you'll have completed and returned to me prior to our appointment. You can email this to me at mary@marycrailwellbeing.co.uk. To download the Questionnaire, please click the download link below.

Client Questionnaire RP 20.08.21.docx
Client Questionnaire RP 02.08.21.docx
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We then connect you to the Quest 9 device with ankle and wrist bands, also a head band. Quest 9 calibrates you, its version of a handshake, determining your speed of reaction to various benchmark substances. From this Quest 9 calculates all your electrical readings. Interacting with the device isn't painful or difficult, you won't need to do anything, just relax. Very sensitive people may feel the very slightest of tingles, I do.


The next step is the main test during which the device scans your entire body, rather like a virus scan on a computer. The Quest 9 has a vast database of test frequencies for over 12,000 substances, which makes this device unlike any other. It establishes your reactivity to each of these 12,000 plus substances, at tremendous speed, so the test is completed in 2 minutes. Information gathered from your body via electrodes in the head and limb bands, provides an accurate and precise picture of your general state of mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Most importantly neither you nor I have any influence over the results, they're truly independent.


From this test data, the device produces a Risk Profile, indicating current top health risks as well as long-term issues to which your body has adapted. During the course of your stress management session, it's possible to look into likely causes and the therapies and remedies best suited to you as an individual.


The device sends energetic therapy back via the harness - there are over 85 different biofeedback therapies which can be given. These therapies are well known, safe, widely accepted, and used daily by tens of thousands of people throughout the world.


All therapies are auto focusing. This means the Quest 9 constantly monitors your instant by instant reactions and responds accordingly, delivering precise balancing, unique to you.


Therefore therapy is tailor-made and only given for as long as is beneficial.