How Safe is SCIO?

SCIO is a highly sensitive biofeedback system, responding to your changing electrical requirements. During a session the device continuously sends and receives electrical messages from you, monitoring, evaluating and responding with appropriate balancing accordingly.


SCIO does this by measuring your body's resonance / reactants pattern and determining the degree of benefit obtained since the last measurement - less than a second earlier. If there's been no improvement, the input resonance is altered. SCIO maintains each beneficial setting only for as long as it is helping and changes as soon as it's no longer useful.


Therefore, unlike other devices, the SCIO can only give as much correction as your body requires, giving you specific tailormade therapy, the duration and intensity of which is unique and determined by your own body's needs.


This is what is meant by the term 'Auto-Focusing' and it makes SCIO extremely and uniquely safe.


SCIO testing and therapies can be used alongside orthodox medicine, if that is your choice....